Privacy Policy

Thank you for using our service. In order to better protect your rights and interests, please read and agree to the following privacy policy before use.

1. Data Collection:

We will collect necessary personal information when you use our services, including but not limited to your name, email address, phone number and company name.

2. Information Use:

We will use the personal information provided by you for the following purposes:

- Providing you with required services

- Processing orders and payments

- Improving product and service quality

- Sending marketing materials such as new products or promotional activities (if you agree to receive such communications)

3. Information Sharing:

In order to provide better services to you, we may need to share certain data with third-party partners. For example, when processing credit card payments, we may need to share some necessary data with payment processors.

4. Security Protection:

To ensure the security of personal data submitted by you, we take various measures to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure or misuse.

5. Cookie Policy:

When browsing our website, it automatically creates and stores cookie files on your computer which helps in quick login and remembering previous actions taken as well as saving other relevant settings.

6. Legal Liability:

According to applicable legal provisions, if a judicial department requests user data then that request should comply with all applicable legal procedures and regulations. At the same time without obtaining explicit consent from users no personally identifiable information shall be publicly disclosed.

7. Privacy Update:

Our company reserves the right to modify its privacy statement and notify customers through online publication methods after any significant changes occur please check this page for latest updates.

8.Contact Information:

If there are any doubts about above content,please contact us at